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Thermometer Laser Infrared (Adjustable Emissivity)

Thermometer Laser Infrared (Adjustable Emissivity)


  • -30°C to 950°C
  • User selectable units °C or °F
  • Distance to spot size ratio is 30 to 1 at the focal point
  • Adjustable emissivity from 0.1 to 1.0
  • Response time less than 500 milliseconds
  • Automatic data hold when trigger released
  • Min/max memory
  • Auto power off after 20 seconds of no activity
  • Supplied with holster-style carry pouch and battery


Laser Infrared Thermometer (Adjustable Emissivity). This non-contact thermometer is compact and easy to use, just point, pull the trigger and read the display. The unit has an adjustable emissivity setting that make the unit suitable for measure temperatures on reflective surfaces. By using a surface probe to measure the surface, the emissivity can then be adjusted to match the reading, giving repeatable results.

The unit is fitted with a class II laser sighting to ensure that you accurately measure the surface temperature. Suitable for food preparation, plant & general maintenance, HVAC, transport & automotive, logistics & warehousing, asphalt, health & safety.

Indicates °C, °F, Min Max Memory, Class II Laser, Backlight, Auto Off, Low Battery, Battery.

This device is not suitable for use on humans for fever identification.