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Anemometer Fixed Sensor (Mini Vane Thermo Airflow)

Anemometer Fixed Sensor (Mini Vane Thermo Airflow)


  • Sample rate of 300ms
  • Min/max of measured values
  • Low battery indication
  • Fast & accurate readings
  • Auto power off after 15mins
  • Supplied with batteries
  • Calibration available


An easy to use mini vane thermo anemometer which has user selectable measuring units for air velocity and temperature.

The lightweight, slim line unit has a data hold facility and a memory for minimum and maximum measured values from power on.

It has a dual display for airflow and environmental temperature on a hi-contrast colour LCD display.

Display features: M/sec, Ft/Min, KM/Hr, MPH, Knots, °C, °F, Min Max, Back Light, Auto Off, Low Battery.

Technical Specifications:

Range                   m/sec   ft/min   km/hr   mph       knots

Minimum            0.4          80           1.4          0.9          0.8

Maximum           30           5,900     108         67           58

Resolution          0.1          1              0.1          0.1          0.1

Accuracy              ±3% of reading ±0.3m/sec

Temperature    -30° to 60°C (-22° to 140°F)

Resolution       0.1°C

Accuracy          ±1.5°C