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The accuracy of measuring devices is likely to deteriorate over time due to general wear and tear. These deviations between the actual reading and the reading that the measuring device indicates can cause major implications to quality and safety.

Calibration records the accuracy of the measuring device and ensures that it is within the manufacturer’s specifications – thus giving the user peace of mind that the instrument is operating as intended. Calibration ensures a higher quality of output is achieved; it keeps the process safe and can also help to reduce costs from manufacturing errors.


ITIUK offer a UKAS traceable repair and calibration service on an extensive range of mechanical and electrical instrumentation. Most of our calibrations are carried out in-house, however we can also offer our services onsite. We can offer a nationwide collection/delivery service, ITI can supply a shipping label and arrange a collection, meaning less hassle at your end.

ITIUK offers competitive pricing and a quick turnaround time. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your calibration requirement in detail, email or call 0161 652 7741 to discuss.

Temperature Products

Temperature Products

Temperature Products

• Pt100 probes and thermocouple sensors

• Temperature controllers

• Hand held thermometers

• Non contact IR devices

• Digital indicators

• Bimetal and Gas thermometers

• Temperature dataloggers

• Dry block calibrators

• Sound level meters

• Light and lux meters

• Simulators and calibration

Pressure Products

Pressure Products

Pressure & Mechanical Products

• Pressure, vacuum and compound gauges

• Pressure switches

• Pressure transmitters

• Valves, pistons and actuators

• Digital pressure gauges

• Pressure chart recorders

• Pressure transducers

• Pressure controllers

• Torque Wrenches

• Force and load

• Micrometers & verniers

Electrical Products

Electrical Products

Electrical Products

• Multi Meters

• Clamp Meters

• Chart Recorders

• Leakage Testers

• Multi Function Testers


• PAT Testers

• Proving units

• Decade & resistance boxes

• Watt meters

• Voltage testers

ITIUK offer onsite calibration services to our customers in the UK.

We appreciate that sending your items away for calibration can often be an inconvenience and is likely to result in downtime which can be costly. So, why not minimise the downtime and reduce the impact on your business processes?

ITIUK’s mechanical and electrical engineers can calibrate a comprehensive list of instrumentation onsite – get in touch and see how we can help you!

ITIUK’s Onsite Calibration Services are ISO 9001:2015 assured and are fully UKAS traceable.