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Sound Level Meter (Fixed Sensor With Temperature)

Sound Level Meter (Fixed Sensor With Temperature)


  • 30-135db measurement range
  • Max/min functions
  • Low battery indicator
  • Auto power off after 15mins
  • Supplied with wind muffler & battery
  • Display updates every 300ms
  • Calibration available


A mini digital sound level meter has a wide dynamic range and gives virtually instant readings.

This unit is ideal for quick and easy environmental sound level checks.

It features an accuracy of ±2dB, a fixed ‘A’ frequency rating, and the choice of fast or slow time weightings.

Also features the environmental temperature on its Hi-Contrast Colour LCD display as well as min/max and data hold functions.

Technical Specifications:

                                                Sound dB                                               Temperature

Measurement Range          35 to 135dB                                               -20° to +70°C

Applicable Standards          N/A

Resolution                              0.1dB                                                               0.1°C

Accuracy                                  ±2dB (94dB @ 1KHz)                                ±1.5°C

Frequency Range                 31.5Hz – 8KHz

Frequency Weightings       ‘A’

Time Weightings                  Fast / Slow

Power                                     3  AAA Alkaline Battery

Dimensions                            144 x 56 x 31 mm

Weight                                      73g

Supplied with wind muffler and battery.