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Anemometer Remote Sensor (Thermo, Velocity & Volume)

Anemometer Remote Sensor (Thermo, Velocity & Volume)


  • Air velocity m/sec, ft/min, mph, km/hr or knots
  • Average function based on last 10 secs
  • 2 year warranty
  • Displays C of F temperature
  • Volume in CMM or CFM
  • Data hold and min/max features
  • Auto power off
  • 35mm LCD display
  • Calibration available


A cost effective anemometer that is capable of measuring both air velocity and volume, with a 75mm vane that is connected by a 1.5m coiled cable.

The unit also simultaneously displays temperature readings alongside velocity readings.

Data hold and min/max memory functions are available to make gathering reliable measurements easier.

An average reading function taken from the last 10 seconds also provides reliable measurements when airflow regularly spikes.

With all the functions needed for reliable use it is ideal for applications such as – ventilation surveys, air conditioning, heating and environmental monitoring.


Technical Specifications:

Range              m/sec   ft/min  km/hr   mph    knots   m³/min/ft³/min

Minimum           0.4        80        1.4            1         0.8               0

Maximum          30         5900    108          67        58             999900

Resolution        0.1        0.1       0.1           0.1       0.1

Accuracy          ±3% ±0.1

Temp Range    -30° to 60°C

 Accuracy          ±1.5°C


Supplied with soft carry case and battery.