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The Essential Role of High Quality Bimetal and Gas Actuated Thermometers in Ensuring Accuracy, Safety, and Efficiency Across Industries

High-quality bimetal thermometers and gas-actuated thermometers play a vital role in various industries and applications for several reasons. One of the main reasons is accuracy. High-quality thermometers offer better accuracy, which is crucial for processes where precise temperature measurements are required. Accurate temperature readings ensure that a process is carried out safely and efficiently, reducing […]

Why high-quality Instrumentation is vital for your operations

Why high-quality Instrumentation is vital for your operations Temperature sensors and instrumentation are essential tools for measuring and monitoring temperature levels in a wide range of applications, including manufacturing, food processing, medical facilities, and laboratories. While it may be tempting to use old or outdated sensors to save costs, the benefits of investing in high-quality […]

Thermocouple Wire Colour Codes

To help identify the thermocouple type and polarity, various colour codes are in use around the world. The most commonly used colour code in the UK  & Europe is IEC. In the UK the equivalent British Standard is BS EN 60584-3. Outside of Europe the most common used colour is shown as ANSI MC96.1 and […]

Pt100 Accuracy and Tolerance

IEC 60751:2008 is considered the international standard and specifies the tolerances for platinum RTD elements. The two most common tolerances for Pt100 RTD sensors are class A and Class B, for closer tolerance 1/3 DIN and 1/10 DIN standards are available. The higher the element tolerance the broader it’s range to deviate away from the temperature-resistance […]

Temperature vs. Resistance for Pt100 Sensors (Pt100 Resistance table)

The table below can be used as a referencing tool to find the relationship between a range of temperatures and resistance for Pt100 RTD sensors. Temperatures in multiples of ten can be found down the left axis, whilst for more precise readings you must move along the horizontal axis between 1 and 9. For example […]

Technical Learning – Ram Gauges

A gauge that measures force on a press. Using the diameter of the ram in a calculation, ITI are able to rescale a standard pressure gauge to read in ton.   “I have a 14 tonne press with a 0.809” diameter ram. What range pressure gauge would be correct and how to work out the […]

Technical Learning – What is Celsius?

Celsius is a scale (sometimes called Centigrade) that is used  as a unit of measurement for temperature. The symbol of Celsius degrees is °C. Celsius the scale was created by a Swedish astronomer called Anders Celsius. The freezing point of water is zero degrees celsius (0 °C) The boiling point of water is one hundred […]

Technical Learning – Different Types of Pressure Measurement

We get regular questions from customers and students about the different types of pressure measurements that are used in every day applications. On this page we provide a short explanation and illustration of the different pressure types that we get asked about. The two main types of pressure that we discuss on this page is […]